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Личный кабинет
Varsányi Irina
Budapest, Hungary

Dima Vorobiev
Moscow, Russia

Elena Ivanova

I have been coming here every six or seven months for three years already. Being quite tired from work I can find here everything I miss in Moscow: both treatments and a completely different energy ...

April 16, 2016
Jean Claude Evan

This is the best place of all that I have visited in my life. Inspiring Panchakarma treatments fill me with strength for great things at home! I'm sure there has to visit everyone. You will experience the incredible joy and zvhotite spend here all your life...

Ernesto Aparicio

I stayed for ten days Panchakarma, my motivation was to clean my body and my mind. The massages were fantastic, clean and calming, the technicians really cared for me and were very professional.

Elena Chi

We were greeted at the airport with a sign. Accommodated in comfortable rooms. The meals are vegetarian, as elsewhere in Rishikesh. Do not even think about sneaking in alcohol. You will be kicked out without any questions or explanations. Tours, taxis were organized for us. Ayurveda is at a good level.
Pulse diagnostics, good professionals. 4 hands massage - super. There is a disadvantage: Indian people love to talk during the massage. If they were silent - then it would be perfect. I do not want to listen to chatter in the moment of relaxation. On March 8 there was a holiday. Musicians were invited, they played the tabla, flute and sitar. Then the hotel treated us to cakes to celebrate the holiday. Here clothes are washed for free. Yoga is twice a day. They bought us plane tickets, put in a taxi, brought to the airport. My impressions are only positive. I recommend it to everyone.

March 6, 2016
Marina Presnyakova

With a prospect. The whole complex is located on a hill about 400 meters above sea level. The center owns several houses, the rest are rented out for the season or permanently inhabited by people. We didn’t really meet anyone; everyone goes about their business in a relaxed manner. We have not even visited the Ganges yet, although it takes only 15 minutes to go down. Perhaps tomorrow will make a day trip. #AyurvedaBhavan at Rishikesh.

December 7, 2015