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If you so desire you can practice on your own or with a teacher, choosing one of three sites for individual lessons.


Просторный зал с кондиционером.

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Свежий воздух и прекрасный вид на Ришикеш.

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Yoga in Rishikesh.
Rishikesh - World
yoga center.

The name Rishikesh is one of the names of the god
Shiva. Here, according to legend, he was able
to reach Nirvana. The whole territory of the city
and around it is considered sacred, and even
an ordinary person, while meditating, can achieve
high states of consciousness. That is why
travelers come to the city. For your practice, you can
choose one of the tens of ashrams, which arelocated in Rishikesh.

The town is rich in various schools and yoga centers. More than 30 different ashrams of various yoga schools accept pupils.

Group classes.

In the center there are special offers and discounts for groups. If you want to organize a yoga tour to our center or just visit as a group, special offers on accommodation and panchakarma treatments will be valid for you.

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Panchakarma and yoga.

In addition to the cleansing treatments it is recommended to practice yoga asanas during the course. Yoga helps active medicinal substances go deeper into the organs, nourishing them. You work on strengthening your joints, your spine. Meditative practices help calm the mind and allow the body to do its work faster and more efficiently.